Agent will speak the greeting given here. Okay to leave blank. GearVox will choose a greeting randomly if you separate them with the pipe symbol | This symbol is normally above the Enter key on the keyboard. You can also cut and paste it from this help file.

Single Greeting Examples: Hello Master
Hi John
Psssst, wake up!

Random Greeting Example: Hello Master|Hi John|Psssst, wake up!

Registered users can use the tags #TOD#, #SEQ#, and #RAN# in the Agent spoken greeting. These tags insert time of day (TOD) greetings, “Good Morning” etc. and Sequential (SEQ) or Random (RAN) quotes respectively via a user configurable text file QuoteVox.ini

Advanced Example: #TOD# Jane|#TOD# Jane|#TOD# Jane. Let me tell you … #SEQ#

Note that “#TOD# Jane” in the preceding example is repeated. This makes use of Random Greetings (the “|”) symbol to say “Good Morning Jane” more often than telling Jane Good Morning and reading sequentially a quote from the QuoteVox.ini file.

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