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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is error message: Connection reset by peer (L:10054)? top
If you always get this error message, then you may have a typo in your e-mail account configuration of GearVox. Click here for instructions on getting the correct server name from Outlook Express. If you only get this error occasionally, keep reading…

This error may indicate that you have both GearVox and your normal e-mail software running at the same time. Only one process can check a POP e-mail account at any given moment. You have a few choices to deal with this situation.

1) Run GearVox as an e-mail notifier. Place a check in the Suspend E-mail Checks While E-mail Software Active checkbox on GearVox’s E-mail tab. When GearVox announces an e-mail that you would like to reply to, click the Launch button (Control-Shift-L) or double click the GearVox tray icon. GearVox will suspend checking all e-mail accounts while your e-mail software is open. You can tell GearVox has suspended checking e-mail by looking at the tray icon, it will have a red X through the gear.When you close your e-mail software, GearVox will resume e-mail checks.

2) Stagger the e-mail check interval. For example, set your e-mail software to check your e-mail every 10 minutes and GearVox to check your e-mail every 3 minutes. This will lessen the possibility of both your e-mail software and GearVox checking the mail at the same time. When it does happen, GearVox will normally recover without action on your part, it will just try again in 3 minutes.

Note: GearVox will never delete or remove e-mail from your e-mail account. It is likely that your e-mail software is set to delete e-mail after downloading. If your e-mail software has already removed a message, GearVox will not be able to read it to you. This is the way most people will want to use GearVox. If you don’t like this, most e-mail software provides a means to leave mail on the server before deleting it for a set number of days, this will allow GearVox to read aloud all your e-mail een if you have already read it in your normal e-mail software.
What is error message: Server Refused Connection. Check Server Name. (E:10061)? top
This is generally caused by errors inputting the Server name in the E-mail Account Editor. The e-mail server name is a valid host but doesn’t supply an e-mail server. Please double check the Server name entry in the E-mail Account Editor for this account. Click here for instructions on getting the correct server name from Outlook Express.

If your Server name entry is correct, the e-mail server could be down, on a non-standard Port or blocked by a firewall. In any event, you will need to contact your network administrator to resolve this.
What is error message Please check your login/password (-ERR Invalid userid/password)? top
You could be getting the password error because you have a typo in the Login Name or Server. Click here for instructions on getting the correct server name from Outlook Express. If both Login Name and Server are correct, try erasing the password from GearVox typing it in again.
Does GearVox support my Gmail (Google Mail) account? top
Yes. GearVox version 4.X and higher is required. Gmail uses SSL to connect via POP3, SSL is not supported by GearVox version 3.X and lower.

You must first enable POP access in your Gmail account settings. See this Gmail Help Center article.

Enable SSL on the GearVox Gmail Account. Click Edit E-mail Accounts from GearVox’s E-mail tab. Navigate to GearVox’s Gmail account settings using the Prior and Next arrows or click New if this is a new account. Select Require SSL from Secure Connection setting and select No from the Secure Authentication setting. Enter for the POP3 server, change the Port from 110 to 995. Finally, enter your Gmail address in the Login Name box and type your Gmail password intothe Password box.
I can see the character, hear sound effects, but get no spoken sound. What should I do? top
1) US English installations of Windows that have trouble with spoken sound should download the full version (not the upgrade) of GearVox and reinstall it. This is most likely the problem if you just upgraded to Windows XP.

2) Non-US English installations of Windows that have trouble with spoken sound should first try changing the language file to English.lng. If this does not work, try reinstalling the full version of GearVox.

Non-US English users using Windows NT/2000/XP need to be running under a user with administration privileges. This is due to a known problem with the TTS3000 text-to-speech engines. This does not effect the US English versions default text-to-speech engine. More information can be found here on Microsoft’s web site.

Windows XP does not ship with a compatible speech engine needed by the Agent characters. A GearVox full install will correct this problem. See downloads page.

Alternatively, you may install support for Agent speech separately by downloading the SAPI 4.0 runtime binaries located here:
Please note, after installing SAPI 4, you will need to restart GearVox to get speech support. If you still have problems, try restarting Windows.

See this page to test your Agent Installation (uses the Peedy character):

More information can be found here:
Does GearVox support my Hotmail, Compuserve or MSN account? top
No. At this time, GearVox requires you to use a standard POP3, IMAP or Microsoft Exchange server. Most ISP’s provide standard POP3 e-mail accounts with the notable exceptions of Microsoft and AOL. provides a nice one for an annual fee if you don’t have one already.
Does GearVox support my AOL account? top
Yes. Search AOL for keyword IMAP and follow the setup instructions on AOL for reading messages using other e-mail applications.
I click on the tray icon but nothing happens, what’s up? top
A single left click will mark your mail as seen by GearVox. Also, try right clicking. If you have new mail, double left clicking will bring up your e-mail client and mark the mail as announced by GearVox. This behavior can be changed from the Hotkey’s tab of GearVox.
The Gearvox tray icon is red. What does this mean? top
See the icon states help section of the GearVox help file. Red indicates an error has occurred.
I can’t see the clock face on the time screen. What is wrong? top
Try setting your computer to Hi-Color or True Color mode from Window’s Display Settings.
GearVox won’t check my mail. What does Socket Error top
Double check the POP3 Server in GearVox’s Account Editor.

If you use Outlook Express, try looking in the Tools Menu, Accounts, Properties for your Mail Service. Click on the Servers tab and copy the Incoming Mail host name and paste this into the Pop Account Server of GearVox. Also double check the Account Name, this is the same as GearVox’s Login Name.
What does it mean when I get the error message No dialup connection available? top
You are setup for Dial-up Networking and your modem is not connected. This is the Dial-up Detection feature of GearVox. See the help system for more information
What do I do if I get the error message Connection Time-out? top
Try setting the server time-out longer. This can be done from the E-mail Server Screen. If you are getting Socket Error
Where can I find new characters for GearVox? top
You can find characters here:

Look for the Character Download Gallery option. Just download the character file, run it and then restart GearVox. The new character will be available on the GearVox notification tab.

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