E-mail Check Errors

GearVox e-mail check errors can be viewed on the status bar and by pressing Error. E-mail check error messages take the form: Error Description (ID:Error Code) [Account Caption]. Some common errors don’t have an Error Code. See the below for example errors and explanations.

Common Errors
Server Refused Connection. Check Server Name. (S:10061) [My Account 1]
Server Connection stopped by user [My Account 1]

Connection Stopped by User This error means you have pressed the Stop button and interrupted GearVox’s current e-mail check.

Connection timeout GearVox has given up checking this account. This can be due to heavy e-mail server load or network trouble. Please try increasing the Server Time-out setting on the E-mail Tab.

Please check your e-mail account information You may have left blank information in the E-mail Account Editor for this account. Please double check all entries in the E-mail Account Editor for this account.

Please check your login/password Generally, this error is preceded by the exact error message from the e-mail server. i.e. “bad login” or “invalid username” These errors relate to invalid Login Names and Passwords. Please double check these entries in the E-mail Account Editor for this account.

Account is locked by another session or for maintenance, try again You probably have your e-mail software running at the same time as GearVox, try setting Suspend E-Mail Checks on the E-mail Tab.

Bad Server Host Name or Network Error (ID:11001 or ID:11004) This is generally caused by errors inputting the Server name in the E-mail Account Editor. Please double check this entry.

Server Refused Connection. Check Server Name (ID:10061) Similar to the above error except that the e-mail server name is a valid host but doesn’t supply an e-mail server. Please double check the Server name entry in the E-mail Account Editor for this account. If your Server name entry is correct, the e-mail server could be down, on a non-standard Port or blocked by a firewall. If any event, you will need to contact your network administrator to resolve this.

Server dropped connection or network busy This is generally caused by high network traffic or an overloaded e-mail server. If this error is persists and you don’t have trouble connecting with your normal e-mail software, please submit a trouble report using the Technical Support Wizard. available on the Support Tab of GearVox.

If you don’t see your error here, please check on the FAQ file on the web linked below. The web site has more frequently updated information.


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